Explicit Consent to Process Data

(For translation into the primary language of classes taught at the School)

I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of _______________ [name of student] (called the "Student" hereunder), do hereby acknowledge, understand and give my consent to the following, on behalf of the Student:

For the purposes of providing, improving, and maintaining the quality of educational instruction provided by the Student's school, [INSERT THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL] (the "School"), I permit the School to actively record, gather, preserve, process, and transfer to others Student Personal Information (as defined in Section 2 below), including sensitive data as well as educational and testing results.

Personal data, including sensitive data, means any of the following information relating to the Student, which are necessary to render the services:

In addition, I permit the School to allow NWEA, a third party educational testing and assessment consultant, to assist the School in the School's assessment and evaluation of Student learning in relation to other students. This may include the collection, processing, and transfer of all the Student's personal data, including sensitive data described above to NWEA in the United States. NWEA's processing of Personal Data may include the following activities:

I understand that all activities described in this Informed Consent shall be performed in accordance with the laws and regulations in effect in the country of the Student at the time of data collection, processing, or transfer.

By signing below, I understand the above, and I give this Informed Consent freely and voluntarily without time limitation until terminated by me in writing at my sole discretion and delivered to the School.



                                                                                                Date: __________________

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian